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Program Requirements

The program requirements that each candidate or client undergoes is all the same. We have set eligibility and admissions criteria, and a firm discharge process.


Individuals who have a physical or mental disability, including mental retardation are eligible for the program if they show signs of an illness or disability before the age of 22. Once the condition is determined to be lifelong, and results in limitations for three or more crucial areas, our organization is here to help.
To fully consider you, disability eligibility must be determined from new or updated psychological evaluation, which the state pays for, and medical evaluation, which the family obtains.  The monthly income of the client with developmental disabilities can be no more than three times the monthly SSI maximum, and they must have less than $2,000 in resources after all factors are considered.

Income Eligibility

Income eligibility is determined on an individual basis through review of financial information and other factors.  The purpose of the Medicaid™ waiver is to offer a cost-effective alternative to institutionalization. Using a special funding source allows Medicaid to pay for service that is not normally covered.


When a potential client meets all eligibility criteria, for admission to the program for a personal care attendant or supported living, he or she must meet with the program manager. The meeting is for an intake and assessment of the clients skills. After the intake, a plan of care meeting is also scheduled to include all people involved in the client’s life.
Based on the meeting and results, the client is admitted into the program best suited for their needs. We serve both male and female clients, ages one to 100 for Personal Care Attendants. Male and Female clients ages 18 to 100 are considered for the Supported Living program.


A client is discharged from the Supported Living or Personal Care Attendant program when it is determined that they have mastered their plan of care. The client must also satisfactorily complete all objectives and goals. The consumer is also discharged from a program when services are no longer needed.

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